NetSuite is a modern

platform for growth

If your business is dynamic, then don't trust your business to Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Infor, or any other software publisher repackaging and marketing solutions from the 80's. With a their version lock, countless integrations, third party solutions, silos of information and costly upgrades, these solutions increase your TCO and slow your ability to take advantage of technology to advance your business.


By contrast, NetSuite is a cloud based solution built to support modern businesses with comprehensive functionality for a broad range of industries. Built from the ground up for the cloud, NetSuite lowers costs and reduces hassle for IT. One data model spanning back office financials to customer records to ecommerce provides complete visibility and works the way your business works.




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Understanding NetSuite
vs Microsoft Dynamics



This short whiteboard session deconstructs the Microsoft solution and highlights core differences/advantages of NetSuite.



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